Expansion, investment and other opportunities.

Expansion, investment and other opportunities.

Frills, lots of frills!  


1. Brewery expansion.

No Frills Joe is scaling up brewing operation x3. That’s right, we have acquired a second hand brewery with 4 fermenters and 2 conditioning tanks which will allow us to meet current demand and hopefully exceed it. Bigger brewery means more space needed and that is why we will be moving into what currently is our taproom, shrinking it by a lot. Variation to the current planning permission has already been submitted to Dartford Borough Council. It will be a very tight fit but we will make it work, this is what we do.

2. More Casks.

Another lot of stainless steel, embossed with “NO FRILLS JOE” casks has been lease and delivered next week. We now have over 100 casks and kegs.


3. Got lucky, again.

There’s more. Another great opportunity came our way thanks to a member of No Frills Home Brew Club (which is growing in numbers, by the way) - Thanks Jiri, beer on me! Although nothing is definite yet we may have a new home, away from home or a summer getaway, you know what I mean?
Ok, as some form of collaboration to be decided at a later date, we might be brewing No Frills Beer in the heart of beautiful Greenwich, The Old Brewery which used to be part Meantime Brewery and is now owned by Youngs. This is a very exciting opportunity for us that would mean significant exposure in prime location of London. We can’t wait and dread yet another commitment at the same time. 

4. Contract Brewing. 

When you don’t need or can’t afford thousands of litres of beer at a time we can help. It turns out that being a brewery that is as small as ours has it’s pros. We have been brewing beers for other, new breweries and brands and also beers for special occasions and/or to a specific recipe in just the right amounts. 


5. Invest.

Finally, you’re probably wondering how is our crowdfunding going? Pretty good! With £45k pledged, £20 to be (hopefully) confirmed by end of March and one or two ‘tricks’ up our sleeve we are feeling positive. It’s not too late to invest but time is near. Deadline is set to end of month so delay no more and get in touch. And remember, you don't have to commit any funds yet, not for a while. All we are asking for at this stage is a 'yes' and a pledged amount. Capital at risk. No frills.



Founder + Head Brewer
Jack Wolfart


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