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DJ + Tank Party - 15 June 2019

DJ + Tank Party - 15 June 2019

Free entry Live electronic beats + Fresh beer straight from the source including: Dreamland IPA (Citra + Mosaic), Mango Pale, California Pale (Chi...
Brewery Open Day - October 13th 2018

Brewery Open Day - October 13th 2018

Here's a gallery from our October's event. Lots of music, beer and even branded cupcakes!           
No Frills Joe - Reactivation.

No Frills Joe - Reactivation.

If you are interested in what we've been doing since end of April, then we would love to show you. There are 2 events coming up:

Come, explore with us.

So you think you've tried our Pale Ale, or or you know the taste of our American IPA all too well? Think again. We continuously explore new ingredients and combinations of the old ones to provide you with an experience that will make you want to read that label one more time. Explore with us! Never a bore. No Frills. find out more →

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