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Mixed Quantum Mechanics Series | Case of 6/12 | 500ml Cans

Mixed Quantum Mechanics Series | Case of 6/12 | 500ml Cans

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Hi, I’m Joe. Let me take you on a journey around most exciting and mind-bending concepts in the world of quantum physics. There are a few theories out there that might answer some of big questions explaining nature of reality we all have in common. Relax, take it lightly, and rest assured that, in words of Richard Feynman, nobody understands any of it. Most of all, enjoy this beer. No frills.


In this box:

Quantum Mechanics Part 1 - Double Slit Experiment NEPA (Idaho 7) | 5% ABV

Quantum Mechanics Part 2 - Spooky Action at a Distance (Ekuanot) | 6% ABV

Quantum Mechanics Part 3 - Schrödinger's Cat NEIPA (El Dorado) | 7% ABV

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Names inspired by quirky theories in quantum physics. Evolving range of New England style pale ales and IPA's. Thick, juicy and suer hoppy. Available in 500ml cans. No frills.