No Frills Joe - Selling Liver and Both Kidneys.

No Frills Joe - Selling Liver and Both Kidneys.

No Frills Joe - short/medium term plans


Hi. I am writing to you for the first time in 2018 after the festive season dust has settled and as much as I have enjoyed family time, our scouting trips and all this Christmas vibe, being a Monday kind of person I am glad it is over. Back to work, with purpose, full force. For me personally it was a much needed reflection time, mental summary and evaluation of 2016/2017 and a lot of pondering about No Frills Joe’s future and what needs to happen. I would like to share some of my thoughts here. There is a reason for it so keep reading.


First, let me give some background for those who aren’t so familiar with our story:

No Frills Joe Brewing Company is a family owned microbrewery run entirely by myself, Jack, on a full time basis while being in full time employment, part time. Got that? :). It was established in late September 2016 in a tiny, 16m2 workshop, in Greenhithe where we still reside, and funded entirely from savings. Although that was our beginning as a commercial operation, actual idea was born about year earlier and I have been working towards it ever since from my cousins kitchen/garage.


Where is No Frills Joe today?


Brewed over 40 batches on our whopping 2BBL system, negotiated more space in a garage next to the brewery for storage and our taproom, of course. We have also successfully obtained all required licensing in such an unusual setting and are in good relations with local community. I am constantly reminded in random situations that we do have a strong brand, that is being recognised and loved. Our cask, keg and bottled beer is appearing in several pubs and micropubs around Kent and London. We intend to strengthen those relationships and make many new ones in 2018.

In short summary it has been one hell of a year and although it doesn’t feel like it most of the time, after taking the “bird’s eye view” I can honestly say that we’ve achieved a lot more than I had hoped for in one short year. It certainly is a good feeling to have built a solid foundation for the years to come. And build further we will.   


Our plans for immediate future.


All is well and good but I feel, and always have felt, irresistible need for creating, building, inventing, progress and achievienng things in general. My/our current way of life and managing business is unsustainable in the long run and getting by is not really the ultimate goal here. So what is the goal? Well, Big shiny brewery and a chain of taprooms. Yeah, really. Scaling up the brewery is not only a wish or a dream but an absolute must if we are thinking seriously about building a business and we are!

How? In order to get where we’re going big steps need to be taken, so this is what we have set out to do in 2018/2019.

Building proper taproom in a central location of a major town in London or Kent. It will allow us to achieve two things - 1. Showcase our (and other) beers in a state of the art space while building No Frills Joe as a brand and 2. fund that big, new shiny brewery.


Get to the point, Joe!


Here’s the reason why I am telling you all this today - We need cash, lots of cash. That’s right. This is why we will be offering shares in the business to you. Remember, No Frills Joe is a fictional character and there is no real organs being sold here.


Why would you invest in a guy brewing beer in a shed?


Well, that is a question I can’t answer for you. I am a great believer that you don’t invest in businesses but people. If you are reading this we have probably met, you have seen what I do and how I do it. I know I can do a lot more than what I have done so far given the opportunity. Without overselling, I think this is a good time to get in there early, be part of something great and earn a decent return while you do it.

Entire endeavour will be paid for through different channels. Savings, crowd funding, bank loan and investors like yourself. We are looking for 100K and proportions will depend on interest generated. I will make an anonymous poll available online shortly so please take part in it and be as realistic as you can. Contact me directly if you would like talk further. No frills,

Jack Wolfart
Founder + Master Brewer
@ No Frills Joe Brewing Company

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