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Joe & Friends Project is a movement that had it's beginning in 2019. Home brewer at heart, I couldn't help but notice the amazing quality of beer that many people brew at home, on a proverbial kitchen stove. That is why I decided to present this idea to one of the best and biggest home brew clubs in UK - London Amateur Brewers.

This project is all about collaboration between home brewers and a commercial brewery (No Frills Joe Brewing Company), making those awesome beers available to wider audience. I couldn't be more thrilled working with really talented craft brewers and being part of this unique community. I'm also happy to be in a position where we can offer certain incentives for everyone, which we hope will promote good beer further. At the same time I feel privileged and excited to be able to tap into knowledge, experience and a vast database of tried and tested recipes, many of which won awards at prestigious, national an international competitions.

If you have great beer recipe that you'd like to see served in pubs around London and Kent with your name on it then Get in touch and let's talk beer. No frills.

Founder and Head Brewer,

Jack Wolfart

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